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Upgrade Alerts

Upgrade Alerts give you a quick snapshot into the power and diversity of the Streamdesk CMS / CRM platform, it also shows you how it is constantly adapting to changes in thinking and technology.

Promote your newsletters automatically anywhere on your site

There is now an easy and instant way to promote any newsletter in your social media, on any web page and within your events. 

You can now publish your newsletters directly into multiple Content Item lists, thereby anywhere throughout your website, with a single click.

Being a content item it now allows you to create content, webpages, events etc based on newsletters


1: Go to your Newsletter

2: Click on Publish In?

3: Select the Content Item lists which you want your event to appear in

4: NOTE - Your Newsletter must be approved before you can publish it into any area of your website




Your Newsletter is now distributed amongst your Content Item lists.




Upgrades to your Email CRM


Great new functionality for your Email CRM platform.


  • Instant access to al important attachment files
  • Search your conversations in an instant
  • Better mobile design



Create Meaningful Web Addresses for your Content Items


It should come as no surprise that the easier a URL is to read for humans, the better it is for search engines. Its also easier to share with your friends and collegeaues.


So you can now easily create your own URL's for each of your content items.





Better Support



Better access to support and our knowledge base.

You can now instantly access our support centre from anywhere within StreamDesk.



Upload Comments from CSV


Allowing comments from your users and members is a powerful way to encourage interactivity and conversion on your website. Comments are activated uniquely per Content Item.


You can now quickly import comments from a CSV file

  • Go to the Content Item which you want to import comments into
  • Click on the GREY Import Comments button
  • Download the CSV template file
  • Follow the columns to where you put your content
  • Fields such as  Authors Email, Date, Comment, Score are there
  • Then Import the File



Upload Content Items from CSV


You can now quickly import content items from a CSV file

  • Go to the Content Item type which you want to import data into
  • Click on the ORANGE Import Content button
  • Download the CSV template file
  • Follow the columns to where you put your content
  • Fields such as Subject, External URL, Authors Email, Date, Summary, Description are there
  • Then Import the File



Contact Types Totals


Contact types are one of the most powerful tools on the StreamDesk platform.


Wherever you see the Contact Types in the Contacts or Newsletter Console, you will now see a total next to it so you can guage what to do with the information.



StreamDesk Help


Announcing StreamDesk Help extension.

Whenever you're working in your StreamDesk console, whereever you see the  icon - just roll your mouse over it and a Help Box will appear with information to help you.

This is an ongoing project - we will add new instant help items continuously.


Spam email reporting tool

It's no longer any use to just delete a spam email from your inbox or put it into a folder somewhere - that doesn't do anything to stop more from arriving.

As internet criminals are becoming more sophisticated the reporting of Spam Emails is becoming more and more important.  

Whenever you receive a Spam email, click on the Spam Icon which is located:

  • In your Inbox next to the email message, or
  • above the email when you are reading it 

The email is automatically moved to your junk mail folder (which you should clean out regularly) and it is reported directly to our Spam Engine.  Having emails blocked as spam before they get to your inbox makes it harder for internet criminals to send Spam emails.

Important: Spam emails are NOT the same as spam enquiries that arrive as web enquiries - they need to be handled differently.  Do not report a web enquiry notice as spam, even if the original web enquiry is spam. 

Such notices are always legitimate emails.

Here are instructions on how to purge spam enquiries.

Abandoned Cart Tracking Technology


Abandoned Carts are when a customer starts the buying process by filling up their shopping cart with your products but does not finish the process by paying for the items.


Adopting a strategy to deal with abandoned carts is a great way to deal with near, but lost sales.  First, however, it's essential that you can identify the person who came into your online store and left.


Our StreamShop Abandoned Shopping Cart technology enables you to deal with this.


All abandoned carts are now stored and saved against the contact, together with all actual sales.




There is new contact type called “Abandoned Cart”


  •  When the customer starts their order they are placed into the “Abandoned Cart” contact type
  • When the customer successfully completes the order they are removed from the “Abandoned Cart” contact type



You can now create a strategy to deal with Abandoned carts - the most effective way is Abandoned cart emails. Which notifies the contact and asks them why they abandoned along with an incentive to finish the process.

Real Time Insight into Who is On Your Website

To get instant and more comprehensive insight into who is accessing your website and when, you now have real time access to:

  • who is using your website
  • where they are located
  • what IP address they are using
  • How they got to your website - from logging in or via a newsletter click-thru 



At the Top of every page you will now see a red button showing how many are online 





Click on that link for more information about who and where



Google Maps Now in Contact Page


If you have entered a valid address into your Contact, google maps will display.

You can instantly access:

  • Directions
  • Street View
  • Satellite
  • and any of the great functionalities that Google maps have. 



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