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Upgrade Alerts

Upgrade Alerts give you a quick snapshot into the power and diversity of the Streamdesk CMS / CRM platform, it also shows you how it is constantly adapting to changes in thinking and technology.

Knowledge Base Added

We are working on Online Help Documents for StreamDesk called the Knowledge Base. Just click on the Green Question mark in the top right hand corner.

Please note: The Knowledge Base is a work in progress. Extra functionality, features and topics will be added periodically.


Product Cloning - Express Product Adding

Because many products in your sales catalogue have similar qualities. Such as:

  • Similar Description, images, categories, location, images, attachments 

To save you time on adding products we have added a Clone Button. Which creates an identical copy of a product. This allows you to just change the items which differentiate the two product.

Upgrade Alerts

When ever we make an upgrade to the Streamdesk system you will now be alerted to it by an Alert Box the first time you log in. You can click and view the alert to make sure you know about the changes.



Document Management System

New Document Management System has now been added

Allows you to:

  • Create Folders
  • Add Title, Description, Keywords to Files
  • Give access to your Contacts - Based on the Contact Type Access Layer
  • Upload one or many files directly into Folders or Access Layers or Both
  • Works with your existing files
  • Can be added or maintained dynamically


Tools Added

You will see a Tools dropdown replacing buttons - this will allow us to add more functionality per page. Just Click on the down arrow next to tools and see a whole range of new options.



Added CRM Functionality

Click on any of your contacts - you will now see a CRM tab.

This is filled with the tasks and appointments which you make with your clients


Tasks added to My Calendar

Check out your Personal Calendar - it can now hold your tasks for the great. Excellent for organising your workflow.


Adding New Contacts and Products made easier

Now when you add a new Contact or Product you can add all of the items necessary with one click.

Prior to this improvement you had to add a new product/contact and then go back into it to add the images/attachements/notes etc etc


Multiple Content Items

You can now create multiple content items which link to PDF's, powerpoints, word documents etc in one click




  • Just Click on the button "Mutiple **Item Name** Creation"
  • Drag and drop your files into the Dropzone
  • Click done Uploading
  • New Content items are now created - linking directly to the files uploaded
  • Edit the Content items to change the heading etc with the correct data
  • Click on "Publish Online" to allow the website to view it

Attendance Tracking

 For all companies using our Events module there is now a tab in the contacts that allows you to keep track of the events that the person has attended.

Print Web Enquiries

You can now print the web enquiries to a pdf, just go to the Web Enquiries report and click on the PDF icon in the right hand column

Viewing Unread Emails

You can now view your unread emails only, just click on View Emails by Action and Click on - View UnRead Emails 

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