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Upgrade Alerts

Upgrade Alerts give you a quick snapshot into the power and diversity of the Streamdesk CMS / CRM platform, it also shows you how it is constantly adapting to changes in thinking and technology.

Tasks added to My Calendar

Check out your Personal Calendar - it can now hold your tasks for the great. Excellent for organising your workflow.


Adding New Contacts and Products made easier

Now when you add a new Contact or Product you can add all of the items necessary with one click.

Prior to this improvement you had to add a new product/contact and then go back into it to add the images/attachements/notes etc etc


Multiple Content Items

You can now create multiple content items which link to PDF's, powerpoints, word documents etc in one click




  • Just Click on the button "Mutiple **Item Name** Creation"
  • Drag and drop your files into the Dropzone
  • Click done Uploading
  • New Content items are now created - linking directly to the files uploaded
  • Edit the Content items to change the heading etc with the correct data
  • Click on "Publish Online" to allow the website to view it

Attendance Tracking

 For all companies using our Events module there is now a tab in the contacts that allows you to keep track of the events that the person has attended.

Print Web Enquiries

You can now print the web enquiries to a pdf, just go to the Web Enquiries report and click on the PDF icon in the right hand column

Viewing Unread Emails

You can now view your unread emails only, just click on View Emails by Action and Click on - View UnRead Emails 

New Email Actions


When reading emails you can now create appointments, tasks and send SMS to that contact while in that particular email. Just click on the icons as below.





Refreshing your page


Most people use the F5 button or the Browser refresh to refresh your page. Streamdesk now dynamically loads pages so if you refresh this page you will be redirected to your first page, to properly refresh your page use the refresh button in your My History.



Calendar and Task Alerts


When you log in to Streamdesk you will notice a popup box opens in the bottom right corner. This tells you your appointments and tasks for the day.




You can switch these alerts on and off in your profile




Mini Side Bar Menu

Many of you will see a smaller sidebar menu. We did this to give your console more room to work with your information.

You can default this back to the larger menu by the following






To Always Show the Larger Side Menu

Click on:

  • My Profile
  • Personalise Streamdesk
  • Uncheck -



Spam Issues

Some of our customers are receiving Spam which is being filtered by our firewalls correctly. All Spam emails which are discovered are now pushed to the Spam folder (rather than cluttering your Inbox), you can deal with it the same way as you do with trash.

Managing your Daily Schedule within Streamdesk

You can now add appointments and tasks with Contacts in your Contacts page. When you click on the calendar icon or the task icon next to your Contacts name:

Calendar Icon:

  • When you click on this and choose the date and time it creates a default 1 hour appointment with that contact within your personal calendar.
  • You will be reminded when you log in to Streamdesk on that day with a handy little popup window.

Task Icon:

  • When you click on the task icon next to your Contacts name a popup window will appear which allows you to connect a task to that Contact.
  • You will be reminded when you log in to Streamdesk that you have outstanding tasks by a handy little popup window.


Image Below:


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