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Upgrade Alerts

Upgrade Alerts give you a quick snapshot into the power and diversity of the Streamdesk CMS / CRM platform, it also shows you how it is constantly adapting to changes in thinking and technology.

Quick Newsletter Campaign - Contact Maintenance



Analysing the information from your newsletter campaigns is vital to maintaining a clean and valuable database.


Any campaign statistic area now allows you to quickly analyse/modify the contact and return to the data.


  • Campaign Recipients
  • Campaign Sent
  • Campaign Failed to Send
  • Campaign Viewed
  • Campaign Click Thru



New Password Tools and Protocols



Passwords for contacts must be at least 8 characters long hold at least one lowercase, one uppercase and one number.


Password Toolbox


We have also added:

  • Quick password create button
  • SMS password
  • Email Password
  • Remove Password



Requesting a new password from your Website


You can request a new password from your website, just enter in the email address and the person will receive an email - if they have a mobile phone, they will also receive an SMS.

Add Purchases/Invoices directly to your Contacts

You can now add Purchases/Invoices directly to your Contacts.


  • Find your contact
  • Click on the Purchases Tab
  • Click on the blue "Add a Purchase" button
  • Enter the amount/details and date
  • Then click Add






 Once you have done that you can Email, Pay, Delete etc directly from your Payments Report



Contacts can also log in to the website and pay or via the public payments page.

Online sales now on your Dashboard



Your monthly e-commerce sales are now shown on your dashboard. To give you a trend of how your product, event, membership etc sales are tracking. 

We give you a 12 month total and a monthly analysis.

Hover over each of the bars to discover the monthly total sales. This allows you to discover trends.






Personalise content by identifying an author


Assigning an author to your content is a great way to make your content more credible and to give content a more personal flavour.

It's the perfect way to invite interaction between your organisation and your site visitors, especially when you allow comments on a content item with an author.  It's a bit like a blog within your website.

Publishing content items with an author that also invite reader comments is a fast and simple way to create an internal blog for use by members and staff.


Your Website





Easily find out which of your content items have Authors in StreamDesk




Easily add Authors to your Content




Recommendation: Do not assign an author to every content item - do so only for that content which lends itself to being personalised.

Mobile Responsive Newsletter Templates


Newsletters need to be easily read on all devices. From PC's, laptops, tablets and phones.


We have released a new range of Mobile Responsive Newsletter templates for you.




Basic Email Template









Hero Template




Sidebar Template



Full FeatureTemplate

Sidebar with Hero Template



To insert a Newsletter Template




Introducing the Smart Comments Module


Smart blogging and visitor comments facility is now available for user-defined content on your website.


You can now allow visitors to your website to add comments to any of your Content Items on your StreamScape website with one click.  Comments are activated uniquely per Content Item.


Allowing commments from your users and members is a powerful way to encourage interactivity and conversion on your website.


Your Website







Features of our Comments Module


  • Fully moderated comments; no comment is published until it is approved by your moderator
  • Email alerts whenever a comment is made
  • IP address tracking
  • One click publish approval
  • Delete erroneous and malicious entries
  • Fix errors, spell checking before publising
  • Add comments manually by Administration Staff
  • Switch comments on and off per Content Item
  • Easily monitor performance
  • Comments secure behind contributor login
  • Profile pictures and commentors details if required
  • Access layer for members only content









Create Contact Watchlists


Do you have a contact which you want to keep your eye on?


You can now create a personal Contact Watch List.




Create Watchlists of your StreamDesk Platform


You can now watch any item on your StreamDesk Platform and have them instantly show up on your Dashboard.


  • Contacts
  • WebPages
  • Content Items
  • Events
  • Products
  • Photo Albums
  • etc






Just click on the Watch Icon on any item in StreamDesk



Instant Snapshot of Visitor Trends


You can now get instant access to trends of visits to your website and its component parts - extracted directly from Google statistics and already analysed for you to make it simple.


Continuously track the effectiveness of advertising, marketing and social media campaigns by visitor trends on your:

  • Web Pages
  • Content Items
  • Events
  • Products
  • Ecommerce categories
  • Photo Albums


You will now instantly see your latest weekly statistics and a trend, automatically compared to the previous weeks statistics


Get your Analytics History



You can now better analyse your analytics history on all areas of your StreamScape platform:

  • Products
  • Events
  • Web pages
  • Content Items
  • Photo Albums
  • And more


Choose the month which you want to see and you can see all the areas history



Track Traffic to Events / Products / Photo Albums


You can now see traffic data, extracted directly from Google Analytics, to specific Events / Products / Photo Albums, so you can see exactly how they are performing.

This is a great tool that shows you the impact that SEO, social media postings, newsletters, online marketing and offline advertising is having on traffic to specific parts of your website.

It's also an excellent way to reveal how content changes influence visitor traffic to each event / product / photo album.




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