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Upgrade Alerts

Upgrade Alerts give you a quick snapshot into the power and diversity of the Streamdesk CMS / CRM platform, it also shows you how it is constantly adapting to changes in thinking and technology.

New Project Management Functionality


Our Project Management platform has great new functionality:


  • Column searching
  • Sorted by Date Last Activity as default
  • Ticket ID’s
  • Email Response function with email preloading
  • Total Time Spent calculations
  • Last note added
  • Plus loads more


So if you want to know what anyone been working on – on any given day:


  • Search the Staffs Name
  • Search the Date latest Activity column
  • And so on


Announcing StreamDesk Project Management


Announcing StreamDesk Project Management


Create Tasks against Contacts anywhere in StreamScape

  • From Emails
  • Web Enquiries
  • Inside a contact record etc
  • Inside the Project Task module


Features Included:

  • Share with other staff
  • Track
  • Add Budgets
  • Add time taken
  • Add Notes
  • Create Support Tickets
  • Quick and Easy Reporting


Emails Intergrated with Tasks


Our great new Task engine integrates our email system allowing you to easily task an email to any employee, then track it's progress.







Go to your Task Engine

  • Check its status - Critical or Important 
  • Read any notes added by any employee who has been allocated the task
  • Check the other employees who are engaged in the task
  • Check its percentage completion
  • Watch any task
  • Plus loads more




Great New Task Engine


You can now create and set Tasks against contacts from anywhere you seen the SPANNER icon in StreamDesk like in:

  • Emails
  • Contacts
  • Enquiries
  • Sales
  • Any Report area


Extra functions added for Tasks:


  • Add notes against Tasks
  • Track and Watch Tasks



Great New Look and Functionality for your Emails


Great new Features for your Emails:

  • Better Design
  • Starred Emails - Drill into Important, Completed etc
  • Instant access to your Calendar, Tasks and Snippets
  • Instantly create a Task, Appointment with your Contact
  • One click Lightning Emails
  • Plus loads more




For our StreamDesk Community who use our email platform as well as our CRM platform.

We have added LIGHTNING emails 

You can literally reply to an email or send an email to a contact in under 1 second.

Just click on the lightning icon, add your quick email and click SEND.

It even adds your Signature to the email as well.

Real Time Support


Announcing Real Time Support on StreamDesk. 


Looking for help setting up anything on StreamDesk?


At the bottom of every right hand page you will see a grey box. You can ask questions in here at any time to our support personnel called "StreamDesk HELP"


To send our Support Team a message:

  • Click on the box
  • Click on "StreamDesk HELP"
  • Write your message in the area "Send a message ..."
  • We will respond ASAP with the answer.


Great New Changes to our Email Platform


Having an email platform which is fully integrated to your website, contacts and CRM is a wonderfully powerful tool.


We have added heaps of great changes to make your experience better and richer:


  • Update email status while writing, reading or replying
  • Email status now shown in Conversation stream
  • Reply emails linked to original email - giving you great audit trail
  • View reply emails at any time
  • Quick Contact Adding and Editing
  • Instant reply function to email
  • Faster interface
  • Plus much more

Engagement Report


Contact engagement is your heartbeat. Data driven decisions allow you to increase the successfulness of your organisation by giving you the information to make smart actions.


The Questions

Ever wanted to discover:

  • Who are the contacts which you are communicating with the most?
  • Who are your top event/meeting attendees, apologies or makeups for a specific period? 
  • Who are the top buyers for a specific period?
  • Which members of your organisation are enjoying your content?  
  • Which buyers are communicating but not spending?
  • Which contacts are active but requiring attention?
  • Which parts of your website are getting the most attention?

Your specific questions can be endless and are normally related to your specific organisation type and structure.


The Answer

Streamdesk has released our Engagement module.

  • Full integration across our entire platform
  • Date driven reporting on Emails, Sales, Enquiries, Email and SMS Campaigns, Tasks, Appointments, Events, Meetings, Notes, Attachments, Web Activity etc  
  • Export your results to Excel, text etc
  • Create instant Email Campaigns based on results
  • Easily update your Contacts 
  • Plus more


The Result

Our Engagement module is now available as standard across our entire StreamDesk community.



The Engagement report is found under the Reports Menu




Online ONLY


Due to the dramatic increase in requests  for ONLINE meetings. We have added a field to control this new advancement.


You don't need to add any Address, Suburb, State, Postcode for Online meetings.


More advancements soon.  







Tips for Setting Up Online Only Meetings




With the COVID-19 situation disrupting many ways that businesses operate, you may wish to host online meetings instead of physical meetings.


You can easily do this using our event functionality.  In essence, there are three steps:

1 - Create your online meeting using any of the many free web conference services that are available.

2 - Create a dedicated auto-responder and add it to your library of auto-responders.   That library might even be empty at this stage.  Note that an auto-responder is the email that's automatically sent to any person who has booked an event or filled in a form on your website.

3 - Create the StreamDesk event as normal, and associate that auto-responder with the event you've just created.

All you need to do is send an invitation to your preferred attendees, using your standard newsletter console.

In detail:

  • Set up a web conference using a resource such as
    • Zoom
    • Skype
    • GoToMeeting
    • Cisco Webex Meetings
    • Google Hangouts Meet
    • join.me
    • BlueJeans
    • Cisco Jabber
    • TeamViewer
    • Fuze
    • UberConference 
  • Copy the complete link for the online meeting you've just set up
  • Go to Streamdesk and set up an Auto Responder
    • Found in Website Building -> Admin -> Auto Responder
    • In the reply content field, select Insert Link


To auto-merge event-specific information into the auto-responder, here's how:

  • Be sure to update the auto-responder's content
  • Create your Event in StreamDesk (make sure you choose your new Auto Responder in Auto Responder dropdown)
  • Save your Event
  • Create a newsletter in Streamdesk and insert your event
  • Send your newsletter to the Contacts you want to participate

Any attendee will then receive that Auto Responder with the Online meeting link when they book.

Auto Alert for Expired Documentation


Our new Documents platform allows you to set auto email alerts to contacts whose documents are about to expire.


Great for any user owned documents which have an expiry date.

  • WWC (Working with Children)
  • First Aid Certificates
  • Police Checks
  • Apprenticeship Certificates
  • any other document with an expiry date

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