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Upgrade Alerts

Upgrade Alerts give you a quick snapshot into the power and diversity of the Streamdesk CMS / CRM platform, it also shows you how it is constantly adapting to changes in thinking and technology.

One Touch Member Status


For those of you using our Membership Module, we now have a one click way of finding all of your members which are valid or expired.



Bulk Updating of Contact Field Data



You can now update only the fields which you add data to in your Contacts upload routine, not the entire record.



Membership Renewal

Our membership modules now alerts your members to renew their membership either:

  • When their membership expires
  • 30,60,90 days before expiration

At the designated alert time, when members log in they are presented with a Pay Now option that allows online payment or authorised payment using stored credit card details.

Membership renewal alerts are based on the membership expiry date, so they function irrespective of whether renewal is scheduled for a specific date or on the anniversary of the member joining.

This facility is integrated with the built-in newsletter alerting service that will send an email and invoice to any member whose membership is unpaid.

Sell Merchandise through your Events

You can now sell merchandise through your event

  • Just Click on your event
  • Click on the Merchandise Tab
  • Drop your products in there
  • Click Save

Promote your products automatically anywhere on your site, in newsletters, events, social media

There is now an easy and instant way to promote any product in your newsletters, social media, on any web page and within your events. 

You can now publish your products directly into multiple Content Item lists, thereby anywhere throughout your website, with a single click.

Being a content item it now allows you to create newsletters, webpages, events etc based on products


1: Go to your Product

2: Click on Publish In?

3: Select the Content Item lists which you want your event to appear in

From then on, any changes you make to your product information automatically appears wherever that product is published.








Your product is now distributed amongst your Content Item lists.




Contact Update Date/Time and by User


We now show you the contact update time and by which person on your Contacts Control Panel



Contact Priority


Announcing Contact Priority


You can now flag your contacts as being a High, Medium or Low Priority


Works the same way as Contact Types so integrates with you Newsletter, Website Access layer, emails and all parts of your StreamScape Platform


Just Click on the priority and you will automatically move through the prioritys for that Contact.

Multiple Contact Type Categories

You can now find which contacts are members of multiple contact types.

For instance you may want to find

  • Members who are sponsors
  • Members who are sponsors and have a Priority of High
  • Customers who are a plumber
  • etc etc


Just Select the Contact Types then Press the Search Button

It also has Full integration with your Export contacts


Create Address Books from your Contacts

You can now create Address Books from your contacts which give full integration to your Newsletter, Emails and CRM platform.


So if you are looking for all your contacts who are a Member and Sponsor with a High Priority


Just Choose those Contact Types and then press Tools - then Create Addresss Books

Tools for Web Enquiries

Web enquiries are the life blood of any great website. They give you leads, sales, feedback and drive the productivity of your business.

How you deal with those Web Enquiries is very important.


We have now added extra tools to Web Enquiries

  • Export your Web Enquiries
  • Create Address Books

These tools allow you to directly link your Web Enquiries to the Newsletter, CRM and email platform on StreamDesk



Track the impact of your newsletters


Newsletters are now integrated into the Dashboard.


You can see when increases in visits to your website coincide with Newsletter distributions via StreamDesk. It also helps you work out the correct types of newsletters to send and how they impact the quality of interactions with your website.



Events - Expressions of Interest

Expressions of interest can be a vital tool when setting up and planning an event

They can help drive your:

  • sponsorship
  • speakers
  • planning and logistics
  • alliances etc

You can now set up Expressions of Interest for an event. The Expressions of interest has a start and end date. So you can concide it with your booking start date

To set up an Expression of Interest for your event. Just go to your event and click on the "E o I" tab


  Setting up an Expression of Interest on your Event 




Full Integration


Expressions of Interest are integrated with:

  • Newsletters
  • Your Contact databse and contact types
  • Enquiries
  • Your events schedule 


How the Expression of Interest looks on your Website

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