Training Videos

StreamDesk Tutorials

Here is where you access our suite of online training video tutorials covering the basics of using StreamDesk.


Console - Menus And System Access

An overview of the Streamdesk console menus and modules access.  This tutorial will help you familiarise yourself with the StreamDesk interface.   >>Watch Now


Console - Actions Dashboard

An overview of your day's activities and online enquiries as they are displayed on your administration dashboard.  >>Watch Now


Console - Website Performance Dashboard

Explanation of website performance statistics that are displayed on your website administration dashboard >>Watch Now


Console - Personalising your dashboard

Explains how to personalise our console and select what view you access when you first log in. >>Watch Now


The Editor - Getting Started

This tutorial covers the most important aspects of the built-in WYSIWYG editor. >>Watch


The Editor - Tips and Traps

With websites being mobile-friendly, it's easy to accidentally render your website decidedly mobile unfriendly, which in turn has a negative impact on Google search results. This tutorial explains and shows examples of the simple traps you can fall into when editing content for a website.  >>Watch


Content Items

Content Items are at the heart of the StreamDesk content management system, and to all intents and purposes make web pages irrelevant.  Content Items also deliver power that ordinary web pages can't.  This tutorial provides an overview of Content Items, describes how they work and explains why they're so different to ordinary web pages. >>Watch