How we approach your project



This is when we get to know each other.  You learn about us and ways we might be able to help.  We listen to learn about your business - your goals, target market and how you operate.  This is also when between us we explore ways to make your business smarter, more efficient and more effective on the Web.


Between us we define the scope of the project, its timetable and the various business services that are best going to help you achieve your business goals.  We also explore marketing and business process strategies that will help your business develop and grow.

Design & Plan

This is the part where we get to work behind the scenes.  Usually invisible, this work involves system architecture design, possible database customisation, assessment of which of the many StreamDesk elements are most suitable for your business processes, what modules are most easily maintained in your particular business and those that might require customisation.


This is the construction phase.  Obviously building cannot start until the design phase is largely complete.  Construction benefits from collaboration, so you're invited to be involved every step of the way.  You can easily watch progress and road-test each element before it goes live.

Grow your business

Watch how your Google presence increases.  Track how your website delivers new leads and clients.  Experience new insights from continuous business intelligence.  Harness the power of instantaneous sharing of crucial business information with those who need it most.  Most of all, though, exploit the new business opportunities that StreamScape enables, that keep you well ahead of your competition.

And YES - we do provide a warranty on our work.

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