Abandoned Cart Tracking Technology



Abandoned Carts are when a customer starts the buying process by filling up their shopping cart with your products but does not finish the process by paying for the items.


Adopting a strategy to deal with abandoned carts is a great way to deal with near, but lost sales.  First, however, it's essential that you can identify the person who came into your online store and left.


Our StreamShop Abandoned Shopping Cart technology enables you to deal with this.


All abandoned carts are now stored and saved against the contact, together with all actual sales.




There is new contact type called “Abandoned Cart”


  •  When the customer starts their order they are placed into the “Abandoned Cart” contact type
  • When the customer successfully completes the order they are removed from the “Abandoned Cart” contact type



You can now create a strategy to deal with Abandoned carts - the most effective way is Abandoned cart emails. Which notifies the contact and asks them why they abandoned along with an incentive to finish the process.

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