Spam email reporting tool


It's no longer any use to just delete a spam email from your inbox or put it into a folder somewhere - that doesn't do anything to stop more from arriving.

As internet criminals are becoming more sophisticated the reporting of Spam Emails is becoming more and more important.  

Whenever you receive a Spam email, click on the Spam Icon which is located:

  • In your Inbox next to the email message, or
  • above the email when you are reading it 

The email is automatically moved to your junk mail folder (which you should clean out regularly) and it is reported directly to our Spam Engine.  Having emails blocked as spam before they get to your inbox makes it harder for internet criminals to send Spam emails.

Important: Spam emails are NOT the same as spam enquiries that arrive as web enquiries - they need to be handled differently.  Do not report a web enquiry notice as spam, even if the original web enquiry is spam. 

Such notices are always legitimate emails.

Here are instructions on how to purge spam enquiries.

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