The Client

Blaze Essential Services covers regional areas in northern Victoria and Southern New South Wales.  The business provides consulting, inspections, maintenance, compliance analysis, design, construction and equipment supply for organisations with public access.

Hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, restaurants and any other organisations that carry responsibility for public safety are core clients.  Fire protection and other related services form a significant part of Blaze's business.

Being an essential services service provider, Blaze are available 24*7.  Being spread over a wide geographical area, instant communication and efficient field staff collaboration are crucial to providing a cost-effective, fast and reliable service to what are often public sector customers.


The main objective was to build a single website that acted as a gateway to the range of essential services provided by Blaze. More importantly, though, the website was to act as a gateway through which clients and staff could interact and collaborate. 


Making it Happen

Initial investigations showed that Blaze needed the efficiency people working together in an office, but with sales, consulting , administration and service staff operating over a wide geographical area.  Online collaboration was therefore central to business efficiency and operating costs.

Although important, online marketing was not crucial because Blaze, operating in a niche market, is strongly reputation dependent and heavily reliant on referrals.  To this end, quality service is central.

Blaze selected StreamScape for its integrated CRM, messaging, email and calendar functions that allow effective staff collaboration irrespective of their physical location.

The Results

Apart from direct accounting functions, Blaze manage almost their entire business on line through StreamDesk, StreamScape's user console.  Task assignment, appointments and service requests are instantly passed on to field personnel.

In the near future, clients' compliance documentation will also be securely archived online, for instant access by Blaze's field staff as well as their clients.

Visit for a closer look.

What the Client Says

OpeningQuote.pngInitially I thought  that StreamScape was an expensive way to host a website.  Now I've discovered that it's really a much more economical and efficient way to run my business.  The system is really easy to use, and I reckon we're saving the cost of at least one full time office administrator.

Speaking of efficiency, lost time by our field staff has turned out far less than I originally assumed, largely because StreamScape makes it so easy to communicate them with and manage their work assignments.


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