Graphic Design


Graphic design isn’t just about making your website look pretty. It’s central to brand development, brand awareness and keeping your professionalism consistent across your website, social media, printed collateral, packaging and signage.

StreamScape professionals develop visual communications that are positive, professional and work together to deliver your strategic goals.

Brand development strategies

Good design will fail if it’s produced without your business and brand strategy as its guiding light. Poor design will inevitably undermine whatever business development goals you have. Design that’s fragmented and inconsistent across your visual communications is costly, inefficient and will compromise everything you try to achieve as a business.

StreamScape can guide you through the process of deciding on an overall brand strategy that seamlessly works across all your online and offline content.

Logo development

Your logo represents your brand, and must present professionally and with equal appeal whether it’s a small icon on a mobile website, printed on a business card, heading a letter, embroidered on clothing, printed on packaging, in lights on a billboard or painted on the side of a van.

Whether you need an existing logo modernised or a brand new identity, StreamScape will develop a professional logo that immediately adds value to your brand and your business

Website design

In these days of increasing mobility, website designs must represent your business with consistent effectiveness whether your visitor is on a large screen desktop, a compact mobile, a pad or a smart mobile phone. Great designs take into account user behaviour as much as they do site layout.

Let StreamScape design your website so that your user experience is consistently rewarding, whatever they’re using to explore your business.

Printed collateral

Powerful printed collateral is essential to complement your website, partly because often a prospect will ask for more information as a result of visiting your site. Equally, quality printed material will direct a prospect to your website where they can often get a much richer experience and more up-to-date information.

StreamScape design pamphlets, posters, flyers, catalogues, tickets, menus, event programs, reception areas and stationery to provide your prospects and clients alike with quality and consistent communications.


Your business might only need a door sign or a pull-up banner. You might need a sign on the side of a truck. It could be a billboard that has to be read and understood at a glance by passing motorists. Perhaps you need a new uniform for your staff or corporate gifts as branded apparel for your best clients.

StreamScape can design all of your signage needs.

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