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StreamDesk is for people who believe achieving business goals is more important than getting side tracked by website technicalities.  Simply update what you want to say, add the product you want to sell and integrate all the activities of your business on line, without having to rely on coding or website building skills.

Keep your website fresh and up to date

Stay current, stay fresh and stay relevant. Google loves websites that are constantly being updated with new and relevant content. The more often you update your site, the more often Google returns to index it. That in turn means the more likely it is that searches will find you.

Keep control of your own website

StreamScape allows you to focus on business development, marketing, customer acquisition, client retention and all those things that are so important to your success. Escape the tyranny of needing an IT expert just to keep your website up to date.

Create targeted or special interest content on the fly

Make sure your visitor never has to hunt around your site, or go elsewhere, to get all the answers to their needs.  Dynamically create Cascading Content™ that is focused on your visitors' interests at the time.  With a couple of mouse clicks automatically aggregate articles, press releases, blog content, products, product applications, social media content, events - whatever you like - into concentrated interest-specific information that answers all your visitor's questions.

Stay on top in Google

Google loves content. Google loves relevant content. Google loves quality content. And StreamDesk makes it incredibly easy to create and maintain the sort of content that works best, without you getting lost in SEO snake-oil.

Integrate your website with the rest of your business

Elevate your website to be the gateway to your entire business: e-marketing, newsletters, staff collaboration, contact management, customer login areas, online services for staff and clients alike. Monitor what your clients are interested in and how often they buy. And manage your business wherever you are.

Protect your customer relationships from your competitors

Make your business easier to do business with than your competitors. Provide online services and essential information that your clients need to operate their business efficiently, that only your clients can access through secure login.

Seasonal branding to stay current

Sell heaters in winter and barbecues in summer? Garden tips in spring and hothouse installations in winter? Camping equipment in summer and ski gear in winter? New product launch? One click selects the home page that puts your business wherever your customers’ interests happen to be.

Target and segment your exposure to focussed market segments

Are you a franchise or a multi-branch business? Do you have regional markets with unique demographics? With a central contact management and product database you can simultaneously manage and uniquely publish into specialised regions, outlets and branded websites.

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