Contact Management and CRM


Keep all of your contacts in a central managed location, which can be accessed by all authorised staff wherever they are, and kept 100% up to date - always. Easy-to-use and powerful, manage all your prospect, client, supplier and staff relationships through your StreamDesk console.

Turn prospects into customers

Use your contact database to generate interest-specific or category-specific newsletters, through which you can regularly inform contacts, develop relationships, build trust and reinforce prospect awareness.

Target your contacts with smart categories

Tailor your communications and relationship building efforts around contact categories that allow you to focus your messages, calls and meetings to suit the respondent’s characteristics.

Gain insight into your markets and how they behave

Learn and keep track of what interests your prospects and clients, what they’re reading in your newsletters and what enquiries they’re initiating. For more in-depth insight, keep track of their social media presence.

Keep prospects and customers engaged and informed

Avoid the trap of only getting in touch when you have something to sell. Use StreamDesk’s newsletter engine to inform, educate and interest your contacts.

Keep your contact information up to date - always

Cleanse your database of redundant contacts, update information on current ones and add new ones as and when you become aware of them. Do so from wherever you or your staff are, whenever you like.

Protect and build your most valuable IP

Probably the most valuable asset of your business is an accurate list of contacts. Add value to your business, add efficiency to your operations and seize new business opportunities simply by knowing your prospects and clients.

Connect to and track your contacts’ social media

These days most contacts have at least one presence in the many social media - LinkedIn, FaceBook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and so on. Keep track of your contacts’ social media engagement for greater insight and deeper understanding of their interests.

Personalise and invigorate your relationships

Are your old relationships getting stale because you don’t have time to maintain contact with everybody?   Personalise newsletters and get back in touch. Enable your staff to know who they’re contacting beforehand - and enable them to update details to ensure that all your contacts’ details are accurate.

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