Mobile Friendly Websites


If you're not mobile enabled, Google won't rank your site very highly, and an ever increasing proportion of your clients won't want to use your website - even if they do manage to find it.  Inexorably, more and more of your clients rely on a wide variety of mobile devices to access and do business on the Internet.

And that's where our Fluid Response Framework comes into its own.  It puts your business right wherever your customers are.  In the way that best meets their expectations.

Get smart.  Get mobile. Get found.

Improve your Google ranking

Since 2013 Google have been lowering the ranking of websites that are not mobile-enabled - and that's not just the layout.  It also includes usability and speed.  In effect, if your site isn't mobile friendly Google says you're not really worth promoting.

Stop irritating your customers

What works well on a large screen using a mouse seldom works well in the screen-tap world of mobile devices with small screens. Avoid irritating your prospects because users intensely dislike constantly swiping and zooming in to use a website that is not designed for mobile use.

Put your business right where your customers are

Your customers' needs for your products and services don't stop just because you're not in the office.  Those needs exist exist whether your prospects are in the office on a PC, at home using a tablet or relaxing when all they have is their phone.  StreamScape puts your business right into the hands of your customers wherever they happen to be.

Protect and enhance your brand

Powerfully represent your brand, look great and be consistently easy to do business with, irrespective of whether your client uses a laptop, pad or smart phone. It makes no difference whether your website is being viewed on a high resolution desktop screen or on a smart phone while sitting in the train or relaxing after a game of golf.

Make it easy (and smart) to do business with you

Mobile is taking over. Whether your customer simply needs your phone number, wants to request more information or needs to place an order with you, make your business the easiest to do business with irrespective of the device they're using at the time.

Get more off-line referrals

It's surprising how many times your customers are in a social setting and asked "Do you know somebody who provides widgets?" or "I need such and such services.  Can you recommend somebody?"  Make it easy for them to simply pull out their mobile phone and show your business to their friends.

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