Using StreamScape you're not forced to be either an online or offline business - you can operate seamlessly with any combination of both. Our StreamShop platform allows you to have online sales, quoting engines, product enquiries or a mixture of all.

Get found on line

It's not much point offering products online if you're hard to find. StreamScape lets you get found by product, category, brand, product usage and associated information cascades.  Automatically associate your products to news items, application notes, specifications, white papers, media and any other internal or external content that's relevant to its application, performance or characteristics.

Provide multiple payment options.

It's not how you get paid that matters - it's whether you get paid.  StreamScape allows you to provide the optimum payment method for the type of client you have. Any combination of Credit card, PayPal and approved trading account holders is allowed.

Do business through multiple online and offline outlets

Publish and sell your products wherever you want and whenever you want. Selectively sell on your own website, multiple product-specific websites, directly on eBay or through multiple physical or virtual retail outlets.  Make specific products available to selected categories of approved clients.

Keep track of your inventory

When your shopping cart is integrated with inventory management, you can allow back-orders on out-of-stock items, prevent over-ordering on limited stock items or automatically publish products based on their current stock levels.

Engage, reward and retain customers

Set up loyalty programs, special discounts for recurrent or first-time customers. Make it really easy for return clients to re-order based on previous purchases.  With multiple pricing options you can create special discounts for categories of customer, such as retail, wholesale or referrals.

Recommend, up-sell and cross-sell products

Generate an immediate increase in sales by recommending associated products and accessories, in response to any specified products and/or services.  Such associations are user-defined, and can be created, edited or removed at any time.

Sell packs, kits or single products

Create packs and kits of any individual products from your product catalogue.  Packs can be based on quantity of a given item.  Kits can be arbitrarily created from any multiple of associated products and services.

Increase traffic to your retail store

Use online sales to create vouchers and discount coupons that must be redeemed in person at your bricks-and-mortar store. These can be used in conjunction with promo codes, referral programs and rewards for repeat customers.

Generate User Interaction and Loyalty

Let your customers add reviews to your products, giving them a sense of loyalty to your brand while generating better SEO and clickthrus.

Auto-calculate postage

Streamdesk connects to Australia Post in real time to auto-calculate delivery charges for online sales.

Click here for some live examples of e-commerce websites


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