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Upgrade Alerts

Upgrade Alerts give you a quick snapshot into the power and diversity of the Streamdesk CMS / CRM platform, it also shows you how it is constantly adapting to changes in thinking and technology.

CLONE a Contact



Ever wanted to CLONE a contact and make an exact copy of it, then modify it to your requirements. Well you can now. Cloning is great for:

  • Making templates of a Contacts
  • There are many ways you can use it



Create Web Enquiries Directly from Emails


Our greatly improved Web Enquiries Console has as many functions as the Help Desk solutions out there.


You can now create Web Enquiries directly from your email system. If you receive an email which seems to be a Web Enquiry, just click the red "Create Web Enquiry" button and it will start a Web Enquriy from that email.




The newly created Web Enquiry then allows you to use all the powerful functions to monitor the status of the Web Enquiry and make sure your Contacts enquiry is dealt with as effectively and quickly as possibly. 


End of Year Transition



The end of year transition for clubs and organisations is extremely busy and we have streamlined your processes.

  • Move all Commitees/Teams to Last Year in one click
  • Move all Roles/Positions to Last Year in one click


The process also allows you to swap to any years if you wish.




Add Attachments to Web Enquiry


You can now add attachments to Web Enquiries, allowing you to gain more detailed information on them with your stakeholders.



Add Web Enquiry from the Web Enquiry Console



You can now manually add a Web Enquiry from t the Web Enquiry Console and allocate it to a Contact








Custom Web Enquiry Status

Web enquiries are the core of your business. Every business has different status and StreamScape understand that.

  • Add your own custom Web Enquiry Status
  • Add colors, icons, descriptions  to make it easier for your employees to see them
  • Filter by the new Status
  • Quickly update to the new Status
  • Everything flows directly into your core contact database

Update LOG



Announcing the StreamDesk Update LOG.


  • Updates to your contacts
  • Who did them and when
  • Find the before and after data




Quick Hints




Announcing the new Quick Hints Module -

  •  You can now find help about many of the functionality of StreamDesk by just Hovering over the 
  • You can switch this function off by clicking on the "Personalize Streamdesk" Link


New Date Module



Announcing the new DATE module - quickly edit, add, modify dates using the Calendar icon



Multiple Payment Gateways


Our plaform now allows you to pay by Multiple Payment Gateways. Which gives your customers more choice. Functionality like:

  • Recurring Payments
  • Quick Payment
  • Triggered Payments




Create Content Items from Web Pages



Web pages are great to simply add information to, but they don't have the reusabilty of a Content Item. Now you can simply create a content item from a Web Page.... the new content item will be now placed in the "Unclassified" category.




Create Web Enquiries Directly from Contacts


Web Enquiries are the heart blood of your website and could only be previously received via the web site.

You can now add them directly from your contacts profile inside StreamDesk.


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